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NDVS' October Theme is Quality Education (SDG #4).

E SDG goals icons individual rgb 04Education is the key that will allow many other Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to be achieved. When people are able to get quality education they can break from the cycle of poverty. Education therefore helps to reduce inequalities and to reach gender equality. It also empowers people everywhere to live more healthy and sustainable lives. Education is also crucial to fostering tolerance between people and contributes to more peaceful societies.

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The impact of Covid-19 on SDG#4 and all of the Sustainable Development Goals

To protect the well-being of children and ensure they have access to continued learning, UNESCO in March 2020 launched the COVID-19 Global Education Coalition, a multi-sector partnership between the UN family, civil society organizations, media and IT partners to design and deploy innovative solutions. Together they help countries tackle content and connectivity gaps, and facilitate inclusive learning opportunities for children and youth during this period of sudden and unprecedented educational disruption. [ ]

A United Nations report has shed light on how COVID-19 will impact the Sustainable Development Goals. These goals are vital to ending poverty, protecting the planet, and improving the lives of everyone by 2030. Around the world, progress towards good health and well-being, quality education, and gender equality are being threatened by the pandemic.

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Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4) is the education goal.

It aims to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.”

SDG 4 is made up of 10 targets:
1. Free Primary and Secondary Education
2. Equal Access to Quality Pre-Primary Education
3. Equal Access to Affordable Technical, Vocational and Higher Education
4. Increase the number of People with relevant skills for financial success
5. Eliminate All Discrimination in Education
6. Universal Literacy and Numeracy
7. Education for Sustainable Development and global Citizenship

"By 2030, ensure that all learners acquire the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development, including, among others, through education for sustainable development and sustainable lifestyles, human rights, gender equality, promotion of a culture of peace and nonviolence, global citizenship and appreciation of cultural diversity and of culture’s contribution to sustainable development."  [ ]

8. Build and Upgrade Inclusive and Safe Schools
9. Expand Higher Education Scholarships for Developing Countries
10. Increase the supply of qualified Teachers in Developing Countries

The five other SDGs with direct reference to education:

E SDG goals icons individual rgb 03Health and well-being (SDG 3 target 3.7)

By 2030, ensure universal access to sexual and reproductive healthcare services, including for family planning, information and education, and the integration of reproductive health into national strategies and programmes

1200px Sustainable Development Goal 5Gender equality (SDG 5 target 5.6)

Number of countries with laws and regulations that guarantee women aged 15-49 years access to sexual and reproductive health care, information and education


TheGlobalGoals Icons Color Goal 8Decent work and sustainable growth (SDG 8 target 8.6)

By 2020 substantially reduce the proportion of youth not in employment, education or training


E SDG goals icons individual rgb 12Responsible consumption & production (SDG 12 target 12.8)

By 2030 ensure that people everywhere have the relevant information and awareness for sustainable development and lifestyles in harmony with nature


sdg 13Climate change mitigation (SDG 13 target 13.3)

Improve education, awareness raising and human and institutional capacity on climate change mitigation, adaptation, impact reduction, and early warning