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Tears of the Moon 300pxFr. Eric Freed wrote "The Experience of the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima in Poem" in 2009. He wrote this book after meeting the author of the haiku (poem in a traditional Japanese style), Tears of the Moon. The message of Hiroko Takanashi, a hibakusha (a suvivor of the bombing), "is not about blame, not about should have or shouldn't have, and not about revenge. Her message is about never repeating this disaster again."

Each "haiku" is provided with a detailed commentary on Japanese terms and the culture behind it. This book would be a introduction to "haiku" as well as to the heart of the people of Hiroshima.

hiroko Takanashi 300 px

Hiroko Takanashi on Graduation Day 1946

A sun umbrella had protected the upper half of Hiroko Takanashi's body, but when she graduated from high school eight months later, the burns on her legs were still bandaged. 

Download a copy of "Purpose of remembering" by Fr. Eric Freed. It was written for the Japan Time, August 6, 2009.

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