Peace Resources

Peace Resources

The following resources are to assist Notre Dame de Namur learning communities in joing the larger Notre Dame de Namur family in prayer.  Please adapt what is here to suit the needs of your learning community. Please share other resources your learning community has developed. Email them to with permission to post them on this site.  Thank you!

Resources for Peace Making, History, Compassion, a world free of nuclear weapons

From: Justice & Peace, Integrity of Creation and Good Works

Paper Lanterns, 2016

“Paper Lanterns”  is a film about the true story of Normand Brissette, Ralph Neal, and Mr. Mori’s struggle to account for their story in the years and decades that followed the end of World War II. This story is about them. The horrors they witnessed. The families that struggled to find the truth, and one man’s effort to give them the gift of closure. It’s about the humanity and compassion shown by those who were in the heart of the destruction. The generation that lived through these events are dying away. They don’t want anyone to forget their loved ones and the sacrifices they made. They want to strive for peace, compassion and a world free of nuclear weapons. They want us to never forget their story. 

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Paper Lanterns
Directed by Barry Frechette and Max Esposito (USA, 2016, 60 min.)

On August 6, 1945, the atomic bomb exploded over Hiroshima, Japan. Among the estimated 140,000 casualties that day were 12 American prisoners of war, held since July 28 at the Hiroshima Military Police Headquarters after being shot down during a bombing raid. For decades, the families of these 12 Americans were never informed about the fates of their loved ones. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Shigeaki Mori, himself a hibakusha (A-bomb survivor), the names of the 12 Americans are now included in the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, and their relatives have learned the truth. Paper Lanterns documents Mr. Mori’s story and his dream of reaching out to the families of these lost airmen.

DVDs of "Paper Lanterns" are scheduled for release early this fall. More information is available on  Barry Frechette (Director of Paper Lanterns, 2016)

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Press Coverage: Compiled by Peter Grilli, President Emeritas, Japan Society of Boston (Producer of Paper Lanterns, 2016)

MORI – U.S. Visit, May 22-June 3, 2018  – PRESS COVERAGE