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Nov 30, 2020 | News & Events


Emmaus Productions – “Comfort My People”
Advent Audio/Video Collections/Adult and Children

As Advent fast approaches, the cry from the prophet Isaiah resounds across our world with greater relevancy and urgency due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the economic, political, social unrest and uncertainty across our world, together with the devastating impact of climate change on our planet and our lives.

In a spirit of solidarity, we offer you this complimentary Advent resource.

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Emmaus Productions – A Light in Darkness – Christmas 2020

A Christmas unlike any our world has known!

Use this link to access these adult and children’s audio-video gifts.[ ]

We are mindful that across the globe, many will be mourning loved ones lost to COVID–19 and many will be without family and friends, due to COVID–19 restrictions. This Christmas, many hundreds of thousands will be homeless, without food, shelter, comfort and safety, due to devastating natural disasters, warfare, political injustice and unrest.

The deep darkness of loneliness, grief, fear, uncertainty, sickness and destitution, shrouds this Christmas. Some may wonder what difference, if any, does the mystery of the Incarnation make to our sick and suffering world.

We hope that the video and music resources below will offer some comfort, real hope and a spark of joy. More than that, we pray that these resources will make a world of difference, in as much as they might draw people into the warm loving presence of Emmanuel, God who is with us, in and through it all.

In a spirit of solidarity, we offer you this complimentary Christmas resource. For now, feel free to share both Advent and Christmas information far and wide with communities, families, individuals, and in newsletters, blogs, websites, Facebook, and any network or outreach that offers comfort and support.

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From Loyola Press

This Christmas Site contains lesson plans, and Reflection Themes labeled: Finding God under the Christmas Tree, 5 Things About Christmas with St. Joseph, Homelessness, Presence in the Midst of Crisis, and Unexpected Grace. [ ]


25 Days of Ignatian Spiritual Gifts

As members of the Ignatian family – Jesuits and Jesuit collaborators, individuals formed by the Spiritual Exercises or educated at Jesuit institutions – we know that Ignatian spirituality is a gift to the world. This Advent, as we make room in our hearts for the coming of Christ, we want to package that gift anew to give to the world. [ ]


Advent Calendars

With both online experiences and printable calendars, Loyola Press provides several choices for Advent calendars for adults and children. Count down the time to Christmas with spiritual suggestions. [ ]

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Advent-Christmas Prayers & Resources

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